Sri Lanka

Just back from 2 weeks in Sri Lanka.

This is a brilliant place for photography – wonderful scenery, exotic birds and other animals, and friendly smiley people who are happy to be photographed.

I left my full-format D700 at home, because the D300 is much more flexible, with its 18-200 VR do-anything lens that I used most of the time, and the 10.5 fisheye. But I also had a 70-200 f2.8 along for a bit more quality and the ability to extend for the bird shots, and then an SB800 flashgun, a close-up accessory lens, and a small carbon tripod.
Not to mention my Canon S90 pocket camera that was always with me, and for example contributed with the pictures of Lotta in the sunset.
I was a bit worried about my full memory cards getting lost or stolen, but with 30 MB at the end it was going to be very tedious to copy them at an internet cafe, and handing them over to a stranger to copy seemed too risky. An iPod or dedicated photo backup device would have been a good solution but I was too mean to buy one just for this trip, so in the end I just locked them in the safe at the hotels, and held very tightly on to my camera bag in between.
More pictures and a full trip report are here : Sri Lanka pictures

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