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Going Pro – 10 years as a freelance photographer

Introduction I spent the first 25 years of my career earning my living as a chemist, with photography as an obsessional hobby and sporadic source of pocket money. But then in my late 40’s I decided to see if I could pay all my bills through photography. 10 years later I’m very happy that I ... Read more

How hard can it be ?

Many people viewing the picture of Tant Skateboard pimping her ride might think “I could have taken that”. And they would be right – if the conditions had been just right the moment they passed, they could have snapped the same image as I did. But conditions weren’t right, and as a jobbing photographer you ... Read more

On a mission from God

This summer there is an exhibition of local church artifacts at Uppsala Cathedral (, and my colleague Georg Lulich and I were lucky enough to be awarded the contract to take most of the photographs for the catalogue. This was a dream job that involved visiting 35 churches in the diocese and photographing the beautiful ... Read more

The horse studio

A few years ago I came across a horse that was standing in a pool of light in front of a dark bush that was in shadow, and the high contrast led to an image of her eye that looked like it was taken in a studio. I really liked the result (as did Edviks ... Read more

A day in the life

This is the story of the shoot of an advert for a new-business network that I’m in. A group of us in the network decided we could afford a full-page ad in the local paper if we all shared it, and so three of us set about making it happen. Zara happens to have been ... Read more

Handbag shoot

I managed to catch the last day of the autumn colours for a very quick advertising shoot for Nordisko at the weekend. I get accused of overlighting portraits, but I hate shadows on faces, so here I used the sun, a large gold reflector, and on camera flash to lower the contrast. Perhaps the poses ... Read more