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22-Aug-2014 Tant Skateboard show

26-Jun-2014 Steam Punk festival in Gävle

15-Jun-2014 Knights in medieval armoured combat

6-June-2014 Ekebyloppet race photos

17-May-2014 Valloxen Runt race photos

18-Apr-2014 Paris

3-Jan-2014 Tenerife

9-Nov-2013 Candle-lit walk at Kvarnbo Kvarn. Lyktvandringen 2013

8-Nov-2013 Camranger/Nikon D800/Mac air review

22-Sep-2013 Malmö

22-Sep-2013 Rabbit jumping

18-Sep-2013 Culture night at the junk yard

19-Aug-2013 Steam train Lenna Katten

11-Aug-2013 Ride of Hope

21-Jul-2013 Harödagen

14-Jul-2013 Forsmark Bruk

19-Jun-2013 Blacksmith at work

14-May-2013 Brukssextetten band

11-May-2013 Ekebyloppet photos

6-May-2013 Skandisloppet bike race photos

18-April-2013 Slussen, Stockholm

16-Apr-2013 Portraits of horses in photo studio

16-Apr-2013 Night photos with stars

1-Apr-2013 B&W pictures from Slussen in Stockholm

25-Jan-2013 Underwater and over water photos from Gottsunda swimming pool

3-Jan-2013 Photos from Dubai

11-Nov-2012 Candle-lit walk in the woods (Lyktvandring vid Kvarnbofallet)

28-July-2012 Exhibition of pictures from Bovallstrand

10-July-2012 Weekend trip to Tallin, Estonia

30-June-2012 Viksta traktormuseum

19-May-2012 Akademistallet fälttävlan steeplechase horse race photos

27-Apr-2012 Slideshow from Sylt, Germany

23-Jan-2012 Slideshows from Oman

28-Nov-2011 Underwater portraits updated

6-Nov-2011 Hubertusjakt horse race

22-Oct-2011 Bilder från Granebergsvarvet löpartävling

19-Oct-2011 Pictures from Bovallstrand

1-Oct-2011 Pictures from the old observatory in Hällby, Uppsala

27-Sep-2011 Pictures of the old mill in Kvarnbo, Uppsala

11-Jul-2011 Bilder från Islandshåst SM, Sundbyholm, Eskilstuna

6-June-2011 Lurbo Nationaldags show jumping photos

4-Jan-2011 Photos and trip report from Sri Lanka

9-Nov-2010 Photos from Öland

8-Nov-2010 Trip to Stockholm's butterfly house

11-Aug-2010 Ulrica och Per's wedding photos   (mp4 version with music)

6-Jun-2010 Lurbo stables Nationaldags horse jumping competition photos

6-Jun-2010 Photos from end of term at Rosendalsgymnasiet, Uppsala

5-Jun-2010 Photos from lambing season

28-May-2010 Peter and Märta's wedding photos   (mp4 version with music)

13-May-2010 Best of the Best horse dressage competition photos

8-May-2010 Paintball SM photos

28-Apr-2010 Underwater portraits

20-Apr-2010 Collection of HDR/tone-mapped images

18-Apr-2010 Kvarncrossen whitewater kayak race photos

13-Jan-2010 Horses in Hagadalen

24-Nov-2009 Slideshow from Washington DC and Virginia

20-Sep-2009 Kung Björn Loppet race photos

1-Sep-2009 Soldattorpet photos

22-Aug-2009 American car show photos

28-June-2009 Uppsalritten horse race photos

16-May-2009 Valloxen runt race photos

5-Apr-2009 Kvarncrossen whitewater kayak race photos

24-Mar-2009 Family photo shoots

20-Jan-2009 Uppsala ice sports photos

11-Jan-2009 Madeira photos

28-Nov-2008 Uppsala Light Festival

20-Oct-2008 RAID Uppsala multisport photos

20-Aug-2008 Bovallstrand photos

1-Mar-2008 The Barista Collection, high-speed photographs of coffee

1-Jan-2008 Illustrated ski report from Chamonix

23-Jul-2007 Illustrated tour report from around Bergen - "Norway in a nutshell"

23-Mar-2007 MacMetaMod - A Mac OS X droplet for easy keywording of images. v2.0

3-Jan-2007 Illustrated hiking report from La Gomera

18-May-2006 Build yourself a balance chair

12-Feb-2006 Ice skating tours on natural ice in Sweden

12-Jul-2005 Pictures of damselflies

16-Feb-2004 Kite skiing and skating

15-Jan-2004 Outdoor guide to Uppsala, with map

12-July-2002 Sea kayaking with a kite

6-Apr-2002 Illustrated ski tour report from Kårsavagge.

19-Mar-2002 Customising tour skis.

18-Jan-2002 GPS coords of Swedish mountain huts now in WAP-phone searchable database.

11-Jan-2002 Pictures of ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado

14-Oct-2001 Build yourself a photographic fill-in reflector

23-Sep-2001 Addition to 'true stories' : An amourous encounter in the forest

10-Aug-2001 Sailing pictures

3-Aug-2001 Some thoughts on sea kayaking safety

10-Apr-2001 Illustrated ski tour report from Kebnekaise (Ice climbing, snow cave, skiing Tuolpagorni's bowl)

9-Apr-2001 Photos of skating through ice and self-rescue

25-Mar-2001 Photos of ice climbing in Uppsala

12-Mar-2001 DIY ice-climbing accessories : ice screw rack, V-threader, antibots

26-Feb-2001 Measurements on some climbing pulley systems

7-Aug-2000 Illustrated climbing report from the Lofoten islands

12 Jun 2000 Review of climbing areas around Uppsala

11 Jan 2000 MMM - reviews of offbeat Web products

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