Outdoor sports in Uppsala, by Mark Harris

Also available in Swedish.
This is an introduction to places where you can do outdoorsy things in Uppsala, biased towards things that I like to do, and places that I have done them. It is far from complete, but hopefully it will give newcomers to Uppsala an idea of what to do at weekends. I've tried to keep the guide short by including links to other pages where you can get detailed information. Mostly the places are within half an hour's bicycling from the centre.
Here is a small map (120KB) with the selected activities marked, or a big map (400KB) to print.

Hiking :
Årike Fyris. An 8km gravel path from town to Mälaren along the west bank of the river  [Hi1].
Gula Stigen. A rougher trail, starts at the hospital, and follows forest and fields to Mälaren  [Hi2].
Linnestigen. Stadsskogen to Lurbo (5km)  [Hi3].
Lunsen. A large forest that starts at Flottsund  [Hi4]. Includes part of Upplandsleden.
Nåsten. A large forest on the western edge of Hågadalen  [Hi5].
Hammarskog. A nature reserve 10km from town, by the lake  [Hi6].
Flottsund to Morga Hage, along the lake shore  [Hi7].
Röda stigen in Vårdsätraskogen  [Hi8].
Gamla Uppsala and Tunåsen. Varied walking, viking graves and a museum.  [Hi9].
Eriksleden. 7km Pilgrimage from cathedral to Gamla Uppsala.  [Hi10].

Running :
Lighted tracks in Stadsskogen  [Ru1], Norbyskogen  [Ru2], Sunnerstaåsen  [Ru3] and Vilan  [Ru4].

Inlines :
From Flogsta to Vänge on route 72. New bike path from Kvarnbo petrol station. 20km return [In1].
Gamla Uppsala to Storvreta  [In2].
From Ulleråker along Vårdsätrav. to Mälaren, back through Nåntuna. 15km loop. [In3]
Årsta to Funbo. 20km return  [In4].

Bicycling :
Old railway route from Flogsta towards Enköping  [Bi1].
Börjegatan to Fiby Urskog  [Bi2].
Town to Linnés Hammarby  [Bi3].
Town to Ulva Kvarn  [Bi4].
Sverigeleden  [Bi5].
Vaksala to Almunge  [Bi6].
Gamla Uppsala to Vattholma  [Bi7].
Ändes ån. Town center to Librobäck, continue loop to Flogsta.  [Bi8].

Gula Stigen  [Mt1], Nåsten  [Mt2], Lunsen  [Mt3], and Sunnerstaåsen [Mt4].
For more tips, see Friluftsfrämjandet's MTB page.

Rock Climbing :
Predikstolen, at the bottom of
Hågadalen. 15m high, routes around grade 6  [Rc1].
Dalkarlskärret, on the way to Hammarskog. 8m high, routes from grade 4 upwards  [Rc2].
Bouldering in Hågadalen and Nåsten  [Rc3].
For details and other areas see Climbing around Uppsala and Uppsala Klätterklubb.

Bird Watching :
Towers at Övre föret [Bw1], on the river half way to Mälaren, and in Lunsen  [Bw2].
Dalkarlskärret, on the way to Hammarskog  [Bw3].
For more places, see Upplands Ornitologiska Förening.

Swimming :
Natural beaches at Lyssnaängen [Sw1], Vårdsätraviken [Sw2], and Djupviken [Sw3] on Mälaren, and on the river at Gamla Uppsala [Sw4]. Indoor pools at Fyrishov [Sw5], Centralbadet (Gamla Torget) [Sw6], Gottsundabadet [Sw7], Svettis [Sw8], and Hågaby [Sw9].

Kayaking :
On the river and lake Mälaren. Camp on Flässjan island near Krusenberg, 7km from Sunnersta.
Kayak and canoe rentals from Friluftsfrämjandet in Sunnersta  [Ka1], KFUM in Graneberg  [Ka2], and Connos Kajak in Vårdsätra [Ka3]. Canadian canoe rental from Fyrishov [Ca1].

Sailing :
There are three clubs in Uppsala, in order of increasing poshness : Uppsala Kanot Föreningen [Sa1], Ekolns Segelklubb  [Sa2], and Upsala Segelsällskap  [Sa3].
Rent small dinghies and Hobie cats at Wiks Slott (20km from town)  [Sa4].

Windsurfing :
Start from Skarholmen [Wi1].Rent gear at KFUM, Graneberg (Uppsala Windsurfing Club)  [Wi2].

Cross-country skiing :
Hågaby to Hammarskog. 10km one-way, take the bus back if you like  [Xc1].
The old railway route that starts in Flogsta and heads to Enköping  [Xc2].
Lunsen 4km from Flottsund to cabin where you can overnight if you wish.  [Xc3].
Gamla Uppsala  [Xc4].
Vilan  [Xc5].

Downhill skiing :
If you are very young or desperate, there's a small lift at Friluftsfrämjandet in Sunnersta [Sk1].

Ice Climbing :
By Predikstolen [Ic1]. A 6m high ice wall forms most winters. Rent gear from Friluftsfrämjandet.

Ice skating rinks:
Studentarnas (by Flustret) [Is1], Gränby (indoor) [Is2], and some schools flood their playgrounds.

Ice skate touring :
Sometimes possible on the river, but more often on any of the lakes. Start at Skarholmen for Mälaren  [Sk1]. If conditions are good, you can skate 80km to Stockholm. Organised tours on Sundays by Friluftsfrämjandet.
If there is too much snow on the lake, a track is ploughed from Skarholmen to Hammarskog  [Sk2].
You can rent skates but not boots from Friluftsfrämjandet.

Ice yachting/Skate sailing :
Mälaren. Contact the boat clubs.

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