The PhonOscope, an adjustable adapter for mobile-phone photography with microscopes

The PhonOscope is an adapter that allows you to attach a mobile phone to a microscope in order to easily take photographs of the specimens.

There are other adapters out there, but most only fit a single model of mobile phone and a fixed microscope eyepiece diameter.
The PhoneOscope is adjustable to most models of Android and iPhone (55-85mm), and fits many laboratory microscope eyepieces.

Instructions for use :

Insert mobile phone into spring-loaded holder, with camera lens closest to the eyepiece turret.
Align camera lens with aperture by rotating the holder and sliding the phone as necessary.
This is most easily done when looking from the reverse side.
The knurled knob on the back can be tightened if the phone rotates too easily.
Make sure the base of the phone is parallel to the base plate.
Adjust the separation of the microscope eyepieces so that they fit in the tubes of the adapter, and mount.
Then you are ready to photograph your specimens with the phone.

Troubleshooting :

If the microscope image does not fill the camera field, but appears as a smaller circle, you may need to change the distance to the microscope eyepiece. This is done using the hexagonal spacers provided. If pulling the phonOscope slightly away from the eyepiece improves coverage, then you should add spacers inside the turret, otherwise try removing spacers.

If a phone has a thick case, it may sit too far from the eyepiece. If that phone is the one normally used with the PhonOscope, you can compensate by removing an equivalent thickness of spacer, otherwise it might be easier to remove the phone's case when using.

If the phone camera sticks out from the rest of the phone, you might want to add a spacer between the body of the phone and the holder, to keep the phone parallel to the base.

Whenever you film through a microscope, there is a risk of getting beat frequencies with the line voltage supplying the illuminator, resulting in flashing footage. To solve this problem in Europe, choose a filming frame rate of 25 or 50 Hz, which may mean choosing PAL format. More details here:

The PhonOscope is designed and built in Uppsala, Sweden, by Frozentime Images Photography, from sustainable bioplastics derived from corn starch.

For pricing and availability send email.

What phonoscopists are saying :

"This product literally changed my life.
Not in any dramatic way, but it makes a small part of my job a little bit easier."

"If I could have my life over again, I would buy a phonoscope at least a week earlier than I did."